Hydra is an asymetrical survival game for 3 to 5 players. One player controls a band of heroes, trying to slay the mythical hydra. The other players each control one of the hydra’s heads, and must co-operate to stay alive.

An early version of the hydra. This one supports six heads, the new one has nine.

The game takes influences from both co-operative games such as Pandemic and chaotic, light strategy games such as Colt Express. Each hydra player has a hand of cards, which determines the actions that player can take. However, the hand of cards also acts as the player’s health- as more damage is taken, the player will have fewer options available to them. After taking too much damage, two new heads are spawned- one controlled by the player, and another that acts randomly.

Development is still fairly early on this project. Each solo playtest still yields substantial changes to the core game rules,

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