Big League

Big League is a political game for two players. In a distant future, humanity has settled all nine planets of the solar system, and prepares to elect the first solar president. Players must mislead their opponents and campaign strategically to win planetary votes and take control of the solar electoral college.

An early prototype.

The mechanics are simple, primarily taking inspiration from card games such as Lost Cities by Reiner Knizia. The game has a 30 minute playtime, with very little explanation required. The result is an accessible experience which also provides the immersion and tension of a heavier game like Twilight Struggle.

The idea was formed after an exhausting few months following the 2016 US election. In particular, I was amazed by the tension of results being gradually released state-by-state. I loved how each side could feel simultaneously hopeful and afraid, right until the very end. I feel this is somewhere that boardgames can often fall flat- if the result is obvious before the game ends, it’s difficult to remain fully engaged.

Development of Big League is still in early phases. Initial playtest feedback has been positive.

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