Woodstock Games is a personal project run by Oxford-based games designer Phil Tootill.

I’ve been designing board games for almost three years. I gradually went from making terrible games, to making reasonable ones, to making things that people actually enjoyed.

Generally, I like strategic games with simple rules. As a guideline, I want the rules to fit on four sides of A4, and the game should offer an interesting and surprising experience in 30-45 minutes. Losing should always be as much fun as winning.

When starting on a new game, I likte to begin with a moment in a story. After staying up all night watching the US election, I loved the tension and spectacle of state vote counts being announced one at a time, with both sides hopeful and afraid. This was the inspiration for Big League. Once I have this idea, theme usually takes a back seat, and I try to let the mechanics tell the rest of the story.

I’ll be using this site for a few things. Mainly, I’ll be maintaining a page for each prototype I’m currently working on, with details of the game and challenges I met in development. I’ll also occasionally put up blog posts, with my thoughts about different areas of game design.